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Land Use (CORINE) Data Extended Description: The pan-European component is coordinated by the European Environment Agency (EEA) and produces land cover / land use (LC/LU) information in the CORINE Land Cover data, High Resolution Layers, Biophysical parameters and European Ground Motion Service The CORINE Land Cover (CLC) inventory was initiated in 1985 (reference year 1990). Updates have been produced in 2000, 2006, 2012, and 2018. It consists of an inventory of land cover in 44 classes. CLC uses a Minimum Mapping Unit (MMU) of 25 hectares (ha) for areal phenomena and a minimum width of 100 m for linear phenomena

the use of corine land cover 2012 and urban atlas 2012 . databases in agricultural spatial analysis. case study: cluj county, romania. adela p aȘca 1 *, d. n Ăsui 2 CORINE Land Cover. The EEA report ' Landscapes in transition: an account of 25 years of land cover change in Europe, ' takes a closer look at the emerging trends over the last two and a half decades in land use and their environmental impacts. The dominant trend is the continued and accelerating shift from rural to urban use, influenced mostly. The Corine Land Cover ( Coordination of Information on the Environment Land Cover, CLC) is referring to a European programme establishing a computerised inventory on land cover of the 27 EC member states and other European countries, at an original scale of 1: 100 000, using 44 classes of the 3-level Corine nomenclature 2001 - 2016 CORINE Land Cover (CLC) is the most prominent database concerning land cover and land use and their dynamics on the European, but also on National and regional levels. It was produced the first time for the reference year 1990, followed by updates for the years 2000, 2006 and 2012. The European wide harmonized nomenclature consists of 44 land cover classes, with a Minimum Mapping. Corine Land Cover 2018 is the 2018 update of the COPERNICUS pan-European landcover data series. This dataset is the Irish national CORINE 2018 dataset, covering the Republic of Ireland, which will be integrated into a seamless CORINE 2018 landcover map of Europe

This video shows how to derive the percentage of land use/land cover within the polygons of a layer with subcatchments. The example uses open data from CORIN.. The Copernicus land monitoring service provides geographical information on land cover/land use and on variables related to vegetation state and the water cycle. Copernicus Land Monitoring Service Site Ma

CORINE Land Cover - Europaweit harmonisierte Landbedeckungs- und Landnutzungsdaten. Landbedeckung und Landnutzung sind wichtige Indikatoren für Umweltbelastungen durch menschliches Handeln. Mit CORINE Land Cover (CLC) steht ein staatenübergreifendes Konzept und System für die Gewinnung und Auswertung dieser Informationen und deren Änderung zur Verfügung CORINE is co-ordinated and part-financed by the European Environment Agency under the Copernicus (formerly GMES) land monitoring programme. On a national level in Ireland, the Environmental Protection Agency has been co-ordinating the CORINE project since 2000 under its role as the Irish National Focal Point (NFP) and National Reference Centre (NRC) for EIONET and GMES Land monitoring activities Land cover is a key indicator of anthropogenic environmental pollution. The EU's CORINE Land Cover (CLC, Coordination of Information on the Environment) program provides harmonized and thus comparable land cover and land use information for all EU member states

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CORINE Land Cover (CLC) est produite selon une méthodologie commune, p our garantir la comparabilité et l'homogénéité des informations entre les pays européens.. Elle est issue de l'interprétation visuelle d'images satellitaires, avec des données complémentaires d'appui, avec l'identification de zones d'au moins 25 ha et de 5 ha pour les évolutions, de 100 m de large et homogènes. Executive Summary. The Corine Land Cover (CLC) inventory is a Pan-European landuse and landcover mapping programme. It supplies spatial data on the state of the European environmental landscape and how it is changing over time. Based on the interpretation of satellite imagery, CLC provides national scale maps of landcover and landcover change on a. Land use tags were predicted when absent using belows (Schultz et al. 2020 in prep, Schultz et al. 2017) method. This was first addressed for Germany (2017) and now (2020) - with the improved methods - for all EU countries. Currently the map is still under development. Info. Project lead - Alexander Zipf, Michael Schultz; Website - Michael Aue Topics: Land use. The CORINE Land Cover (CLC) inventory was initiated in 1985 (reference year 1990) to standardize data collection on land in Europe to support environmental policy development. Updates were produced in 2000, 2006, 2012 and 2018. Change layers were produced for 2000, 2006, 2012 and 2018. Data and maps This series consists of Corine Land Cover (CLC) datasets. CLC is a dataset produced within the frame of the Initial Operations of the Copernicus programme (the European Earth monitoring programme previously known as GMES) on land monitoring. CLC provides consistent information on land cover and land cover changes across Europe. The inventory was initiated in 1985 (initial year 1990) and then.

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Open Land-Use Map is a composite map that is intended to create detailed land-use maps of various regions based on certain pan-European datasets such as CORINE Landcover, UrbanAtlas enriched by available regional data. Data are published as OGC WMS services Digamos que, básicamente, CORINE Land Cover es un proyecto a nivel europeo que trabaja la información a mayores escalas, por lo que es un producto más simplificado tanto en polígonos como en categorías de datos. Como solemos hacer, una vez ofrecidos los enlaces para interesados, vamos a lo práctico CLC2018 is one of the datasets produced within the frame the Corine Land Cover programme referring to land cover / land use status of year 2018. The reference year of the first CLC inventory was 1990 and the first update created in 2000. Later, the update cycle has become 6 years. Satellite imagery provides the geometrical and thematic basis. If countries use extensions (more detailed than 3rd level of CLC nomenclature) for their national land cover inventories, I would see this as cases for national registries as long as there is no clear European use case. @ Michael . I think this is a nice case to discuss the different options in MIWP-6. :-

Corine Land Cover. This Atlas uses the most recent Corine data, from 2012, and is the first of its kind to map land use at the local authority level for every district of the UK. The University of Sheffield With almost 27,000 of the brightest students from over 140 countries, learning alongside over 1,200 of the best academics from across the. La base de données géographique CORINE Land Cover (CLC) est un inventaire biophysique de l'occupation des terres.Il est produit dans le cadre du programme européen d'observation de la terre Copernicus (39 États européens).. Données de référence, CORINE Land Cover est issue de l'interprétation visuelle d'images satellitaires et est disponible pour les années suivantes : 1990, 2000. Topics: Land use , Natural resources , Corine land cover 2006 is the year 2006 update of the first CLC database which was finalised in the early 1990s as part of the European Commission programme to COoRdinate INformation on the Environment (Corine) This is the latest published version. See older versions. 111 - Continuous urban fabri Using remote sensing and geographical information system (GIS), the detection of land cover/landuse (LC/LU) spaceies and monitoring changes in particular periods are made easily and economically. CORINE classification was developed in 1985 by countries of the Europeon Union to establish a good harmony especialy with LC/LU classification. This system contains three levels o

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The four categories are drawn from 44 different land use codes used by the Co-ordination of Information on the Environment (Corine) project initiated by the European Commission in 1985 According to satellite images (Corine Land Cover1), the area covered by agricultural land decreased by 1.2% across the EU between 2000 and 2012. The most significant losses were observed in Poland and the UK, as well as in parts of Spain and Germany. On the other hand, agricultural land cover. Abstract. CORINE Land Cover (CLC) was specified to standardize data collection on land in Europe to support environmental policy development. Since the late 1980s, three iterations of this land cover inventories have been realised (timed around 1990, 2000 and 2006) The use of remote sensing materials and databases derived from them-in particular CORINE Land Cover, for examination of changes in land use, including urban sprawl, are numerous

In comparison to CORINE Land Cover, the Swiss Land Use Statistics is more semantically oriented towards land use, with 69 base categories. Although the 44 CORINE categories predominantly describe land cover, the similarities in both systems allow for a common examination on aggregate levels Available land use/cover maps differ in their spatial extent and in their thematic, spatial, and temporal resolutions. Due to the costs of producing such maps, there is usually a trade-off between spatial extent and resolution. The only European-wide, consistent, and multi-temporal land use/cover dataset available is the CORINE Land Cover (CLC. Affordably Source Corine Land Use Experts and Industry Participants for Market Research, Diligence and Projects Submit an anonymous Project Description -- Start receiving responses within a few hour

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The newest CORINE data set for Switzerland - CLC 2018 and CLC Changes 2012 / 2018 - was generated completely at WSL within a EEA Service Contract. WSL continues to support the FOEN in all technical details regarding Land Cover / Land Use and gives consultancy to future changes of data set such as CLC+ or EEA High Resolution Layers The modified IGBP MODIS land use/land cover (LULC) and USGS GMTED2010 terrain elevation geographical data (30 arc seconds) was applied for the WRF simulations as default. As higher resolution geographical data (100 m), the LULC from CORINE Land Cover (CLC) 2018 data, and the SRTM topography were adopted

We present a land cover change detection methodology in the framework of the IMAGE and CORINE Land Cover 2000 (I&CLC2000) project managed jointly by the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen, Denmark and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission in Ispra, Italy. The generated data layers CLC2000 (land cover for the year 2000) and. on land cover and land use as well as other geodata were used to assist the base mapping and also to ensure minimal deviation from the existing statistical land use data. 2 THE SWISS CORINE 2000 / 2006 PROJECT 2.1 ORGANISATION The Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) is the Swiss National Focal-point (NFP) for the EE


1 If LULC files come in uncompressed format, the CTGCOMP program needs to be applied first.. 2 The Corine data has to be converted to a generic format.. GLCC and NLCD are available through the USGS Earth Explorer site.. The selection of data is performed through a web interface that is easy to navigate: To narrow your search area: type in an address or place name, enter coordinates or click. CORINE Land Cover Land Cover DE MODIS-DE Mosaic RapidEye RESA - L3M Mosaic - Germany GUF® - Global Urban Footprint® v1 - EPSG:3857 (WGS 84 / Pseudo-Mercator) GUF® - Global Urban Footprint® v1 - EPSG:4326 (WGS84 / geocentric) GSP - Global SnowPack Dail Keywords: CORINE, land cover, LUCAS, land use, validation ABSTRACT: The CORINE Land Cover 2000 (CLC2000) database, managed by the European Environment Agency (EEA) has been completed in 2004. The database covers 29 countries of Europe. It has been produced by national teams under the supervision of the CLC2000 Technica This dataset for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey contains the Corine Land Cover (CLC) for 2012 (CLC2012). This dataset has been created from combining the 2012 land cover layers from the individual CLC files for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey. CLC is a dataset produced within the frame of the Initial Operations of the Copernicus programme (the. LAND-COVER MODELLING USING CORINE LAND COVER DATA AND MULTI-LAYER PERCEPTRON Last decades of research have revealed the environmental impacts of Land-Use/Cover Change (LUCC) throughout the globe. Human activities' impact is becoming more and more pronounced on the natural environment

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Iceland joined the CORINE programme in 2007 and CLC2006 is the first land use / land cover classification in a relatively large scale (1: 100.000) that covers the whole country. The situation therefore differs somewhat from most of the other European countries where the CLC2000 and even the CLC1990 have already been completed Legenda CORINE Land Cove

Distinction from land use Land cover is distinct from land use, despite the two terms often being used interchangeably.Land use is a description of how people utilize the land and of socio-economic activity. Urban and agricultural land uses are two of the most commonly known land use classes. At any one point or place, there may be multiple and alternate land uses, the specification of. 2.4.3 Land principally occupied by agriculture, with significant areas of natural vegetation 21 230-204-077 2.4.4 Agro-forestry areas 22 242-204-166 3.1Forests 3.1.1 Broad-leaved forest 23 128-255-000 3.1.2 Coniferous forest 24 000-166-000 3.1.3 Mixed forest 25 077-255-000 3.2 Scrub and/or herbaceous vegetation association I have deposited them here as high resolution images (300dpi PNG files) so that interested users can access and download them.These maps were created using open data and open source software (QGIS) and you are free to use them as you wish.There is one map for each of the 391 Local Authority areas of the United Kingdom.These maps are open data.

This GIS Tutorial is about How to Download the Latest Land Use Land Cover Data !!In this video, I have shown you the sources and steps to extract Landuse and.. Coordination of Information on the Environment (CORINE) is a European programme initiated in 1985 by the European Commission, aimed at gathering information relating to the environment on certain priority topics for the European Union (air, water, soil, land cover, coastal erosion, biotopes, etc.). Since 1994, the European Environment Agency (EEA) integrated CORINE in its work programme In this study, land use/cover classification standards of COoRdination of INformation on the Environment (CORINE) Land Cover Project were used in the process of expert classification system. The CORINE was established by the European Union (EU) in 1985 to generate the European environmental landscape based on interpretation of satellite images. Four unique pan-European CORINE Land Cover datasets—CLC1990, CLC2000, CLC2006, and CLC2012— and three datasets concerning changes between 1990 and 2012 have presented the first-ever opportunity to observe the European landscape by means of land cover and its change. This book brings together all these datasets to demonstrate the methods of identification, analysis and assessment of the. Copernicus CORINE Land Cover: The CORINE (coordination of information on the environment) Land Cover (CLC) inventory was initiated in 1985 to standardize data collection on land in Europe to support environmental policy development. The project is coordinated by the European Environment Agency (EEA) in the frame of the EU.

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The CORINE Land Cover database and methodology (Feranec et al., 2005) In land use accounts, data on surfaces are supplemented with data on other variables, including in monetary terms. LC accounts are as well interpreted as one group of stress factors on ecosystems, in the third dimension of the framework, so-called ecosystem accounts. In. Land Use / Cover frame Statistical Survey (LUCAS) There are no specific download provisions for the datasets shown below. However, please refer to our general copyright notice and licence provisions which must be respected Title: Corine Land Change 2012 - 2018 WM Author: Ludvig Forslund Comments: CHA1218 is one of the datasets produced within the frame the Corine Land Cover programme referring to land cover / land use changes between year 2012and 2018.The Corine Land Cover (CLC) is an European programme, coordinated by the European Environment Agency (EEA. CORINE land cover 106 1.2.3. Port areas Infrastructure of port areas, including quays, dockyards and marinas. 1.2.3. Portugal/Area: Porto Interpretation Landsat TM 4.5.3. 1:100 000, July 1987 In delineating heading 1.2.3 account must be taken of the geographical location (proximity of the sea or a waterway). Use View the full range of Land Cover Maps including new productsLand Cover Map 2015 (LCM2015), released in April 2017, is our latest land cover map. 2015 marked 25 years of Land Cover Mapping in CEH. National-scale land cover mapping began in 1990 with LCM1990, continued with LCM2000 and then LCM2007. The series was complemented by CEH Land Cover® plus: Crop Map and is now joined by LCM2015

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  1. En esta página se pone a disposición de la comunidad científica nacional e internacional el producto Land Cover Chile 2014.Corresponde al resultado de un proyecto conjunto de investigación financiado por UC Berkeley-Chile Seed Funds (grant number: 77477), Development of advanced remote sensingmethods for mapping and managing plant species diversity in Mediterranean Forests of Chile and.
  2. - with nomenclature: all types (from Corine level 1 to Corine Biotope, client nomenclature, etc.) By mapping a territory at different dates, it is possible to analyze it diachronically by highlighting the changes in land use: urban spread, economic transformations, or conversion into wetlands, meadows, hedges, etc
  3. Corine Land Cover (CLC) datasets have provided a time series of land cover and land use information across Europe since 1990. These data sets allow monitoring changes to the Earth's surface that result from the interaction of natural processes and human activities
  4. utes resolution (right panel) for the Alps region are shown. The 30s and 2 arc
  5. This dataset for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey contains the Corine Land Cover (CLC) for 2012 (CLC2012). This dataset has been created from combining the 2012 land cover layers from the individual CLC files for the UK, Jersey and Guernsey. CLC is a dataset produced within the frame of the Initial Operations of the Copernicus programme (the European Earth monitoring programme previously known as.
  6. There is a spreadsheet available here with the land cover codes and their corresponding RGB color codes as defined by the EEA and a CSV version here.For completeness, the clc codes and RGB color codes are included below. You'll also find useful information about using CLC data in QGIS here.. CLC_CODE R-G-B 111 230-000-077 112 255-000-000 121 204-077-242 122 204-000-000 123 230-204-204 124 230.
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  1. Since the mid-1960s land use and its changes have been uniformly recorded and processed throughout Europe. Within the framework of the CORINE-program, experts from all EU member states are evaluating the digital satellite photographs. Data is processed in a Geographical Information System (GIS) and is then available as a digital map at a scale.
  2. The Corine Land Cover (CLC) data is a collection of information about land cover, which was created during the program that was implemented by the EU. In this article authors proposes new index of space fragmentation, which is based on the analysis of the length of the boundaries of the various forms of land use - Ex. This papers contains the procedure of designation the new index and two.
  3. CORINE land cover map of Europe Abstract: The paper demonstrates compilation of land cover map of Europe making use of the CORINE land cover (CLC) data and subsequent printing of the map by computer technology at the scale ca 1:5 000 000. The topographic base in azimuth equivalent projection consists of
  4. imum mapping unit for land cover and 5 ha for land cover change every 6 years [2]
  5. 3 CORINE land cover 2000 in land use monitoring approaches Ecological impacts of urban growth on the environment depend on the amount of newly ur-banised areas on previously virgin land (Greenfield sites) and the spatial patterns of new development. Furthermore, the analysis of land use dynamics within existing urban area
  6. CORINE Land Cover (CLC) is a seamless European land cover vector database. The Norwegian CLC for the reference year 2006 (CLC2006) was completed by the Norwegian Forest and Landscape Institute (Skog og landskap) in 2009 and was produced according to CLC2006 technical guidelines (EEA 2007)
  7. The terms land use and land cover are often used interchangeably, but each term has its own unique meaning. Land cover refers to the surface cover on the ground like vegetation, urban infrastructure, water, bare soil etc. Identification of land cover establishes the baseline information for activities like thematic mapping and change detection analysis

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- Reclassify/Reproject Corine Land use to USGS Install the open source GIS (grass) and do a r.reclass, using the Pineda et al. 2004 article as base. Take in account that you need to obtain 24 Land use classes (1 to 24), and not (101 to 124). Reproject the new raster with Lat/Lon projection into WGS84 PPT - Corine and land use statistics PowerPoint presentation | free to view - id: fbfc1-YzM0Z. The Adobe Flash plugin is needed to view this content. Get the plugin now. Actions. Remove this presentation Flag as Inappropriate I Don't Like This I like this Remember as a Favorite. Shar Corine Land Cover 1990 is a map of the Irish environmental landscape based on interpretation of satellite images based on EU established CORINE (Coordination of Information on the Environment) specifications CORINE Land Cover permet de cartographier des unités homogènes d'occupation des sols d'une surface minimale de 25 hectares. Les données sont issues de l'interprétation visuelle d'images satellitaires et sont disponibles pour les années 1990, 2000, 2006, 2012 et 2018 Land plays an important role in global cycles of greenhouse gases (GHGs, the major GHGs are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O)). Land use activities can result in emissions of such greenhouse gases to the atmosphere or removal of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere. The.

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  1. istración General del Estado (AGE). Es por ello, que la AGE a través de los Ministerios de.
  2. Land use and land cover have been one of the first and main products from remote sensing data. Its dynamics are strongly influenced by socio-economic factors and political decisions, generating a need for adequate mapping and monitoring tools. CORINE Land Cover and land cover change products. European Area Frame Sampling based on Very High.
  3. The only high resolution global land cover that I know is the one done by the PR of China. In Europe they seemed to use CORINE as an ancillary data, so it is difficult to judge the consistency accross the world, but it has a spatial resolution of 30 m
  4. Abstract. The analysis of the land use structure of the 13 counties of the Romanian part of Tisa catchment area has been made according to the 2000 edition of CORINE Land Cover, while the 1990 edition has been used for comparative purposes
  5. such a land use parameter is defined for each pollutant based on CORINE Land Cover (CLC) maps (EEA 1995). By relying on the CLC data set, all different land cover types (urban, industrial, traffic, agricultural, natural,) can be included in the analysis. The CLC data set provides a high resolution description (100x100 m² pixels are used) of.
  6. New Corine Land Cover inventory, including : Corine Land Cover Change mapping 2006-2012 of all land cover changes between 2006 and 2012 with a spatial resolution of 5 ha for the standard 44 Corine Land Cover classes, including metadata according to INSPIRE specification

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  1. Correspondence between Corine Land Cover classes and ecosystem types. Correspondence between Corine Land Cover classes and ecosystem types. CLC Level 1 CLC Level 2 CLC Level 3 Road and rail networks and associated land: 1.2.3. Port areas: 1.2.4. Airports: 1.3. Mine, dump and construction sites: 1.3.1. Mineral extraction sites: 1.3.2. Dump.
  2. Corine Land Cover (CLC) 2012 revised, CLC 2018 and CLC change 2012-2018 are datasets produced within the frame of the Copernicus programme on land monitoring. Corine Land Cover (CLC) provides consistent information on land cover and land cover changes across Europe. This inventory was initiated in 1985 (reference year 1990) and established a time series of land cover information with updates.
  3. CLC2012 is the 4th CORINE Land Cover inventory and took 3 years to finalize. A dual coverage of satellite images were used. The number of countries using advanced (bottom-up) solutions has slightly increased. All of the EEA39 countries have participated. Please note that CLC 2012 is currently in production and as such, does not have full European coverage
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A Pan-European component - producing land-cover and land-change maps at continental scale as well as geophysical and vegetation parameters for seasonal and annual change monitoring. Initial activities include the provision of a pan-EU land-cover map for 2012 (which is an extension of the CORINE Land Cover achieved in 2006) and of the. Land cover and conditions of the CCI projec El proyecto CORINE Land Cover (CLC), tiene como objetivo fundamental la creación de una base de datos multitemporal de tipo numérico y geográfico a escala 1:100.000 sobre la Cobertura y/o Uso del Territorio (Ocupación del suelo) en el ámbito europeo

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2.2.1 Adopted definition of land cover. 2.2.2 A new approach to classification. 2.3 Land cover classification system: design criteria. 2.3.1 Dichotomous phase. 2.3.2 Odular-hierarchical phase. 2.3.3. Concepts for the primarily vegetated areas. Natural and semi-natural vegetation (a12 and a24 CORINE Land Cover 2000 and 2006. The 1998 and 2007 Countryside Survey. For the reasons set out below, it was decided to rely primarily on data from the 1998 and 2007 Countryside Survey and use CORINE Land Cover 2000 and 2006 to benchmark and analyse the results. Key differences in these datasets are summarised in Table 1 Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre of Moldova E-mail maria.ovdii@arfc.gov.md REPUBLIC OF MOLDOVA: COUNTRY-SPECIFIC DETAILS AND PREPARATION FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION OF CORINE CLC PILOT PROJECT. Contents 1. Introduction 2. Training team and leads. Possible location for training 3. Pilot areas and access to dat

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  1. hosted on land.copernicus.eu - Raster data on land cover for the CLC2000 inventor
  2. The land cover NRCs, as a well-established part of the network, will mainly focus on the technical aspects of land cover/use monitoring and data management. For the period 2014-2020 it is envisaged that the Copernicus programme will be the main driver, more specifically the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS), comprising amongst other.
  3. Title: Workshop CORINE Land Cover 2000 in Germany and Europe and its use for environmental applications Subject: Within the European programme CORINE Land Cover2000 (CLC2000) member s tates are invited to update their national CORINE Land Cover data sets b ased on aharmonised classification scheme and an interpretation method
  4. ado Image & CORINE Land Cover 2000 (I&CLC2000), cuyo objetivo es actualizar la base de datos CORINE Land Cover (CLC)
  5. Corine Land Cover 2012 Corine Land Cover 2012.rar — application/rar, 117786 kB (120612949 bytes) Questo sito utilizza solo cookie tecnici e di analytics, propri e di terze parti, per il corretto funzionamento delle pagine web e per il miglioramento dei servizi

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Ireland needs needs more detailed land-use maps For example, there is a single classification for peat in Corine compared with five different types of peatland - raised bog, upland. The paper assesses changes in land use pattern in South Oltenia in the last two decades, the analysis being based on the Corine Land Cover data 1990 and 2006. Particularly, we analyzed spatial-temporal dynamics of several land use classes, related to landscape stabilization or water quantity in the area: forests, wetlands, rice fields

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European Environment Agency, Data and Maps, a lot of data related to environment from all Europe, for example: Natura areas, CORINE land cover, drainage basins, digital elevation model, data about water and air quality etc

a) Spatial distribution of UK bog habitat, based on the
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