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The Musical Fountains Show at the Château de Versailles

The Versailles Passport ticket is a ticket variant that gives you access to all of the estate. With the Versailles Passport, you will be able to visit the Palace with audioguide, the estate of Trianon, temporary exhibitions, the Gardens and the Park, the Musical Fountains Shows or the Musical Gardens and the Coach Gallery. Q > Mirror Fountain : water display every 10 minutes from 10am to 6:30pm > Water Theater Grove : water display the first 20 minustes of every hour, from 10am to 6:30pm > The Neptune Fountain : Water display at 5:20 (no water display on tuesdays). Musical Fountains Show Ticket: €9. covering the gardens and the Musical Fountains Show. Reduced.

The Palace of Versailles fountain show and garden experience is the most incredible on summer weekends when the fountains are allowed to play. On the musical days there is an admission fee charged for the Chateau de Versailles. Generally Saturdays are less crowded than Sundays. The Palace of Versailles fountain show tickets will cost you 9.50 EUR Fountains Night Show at the Palace of Versailles from 27 June 2020 to 19 September 2020 a musical stroll through the King's apartments and the Hall of Mirrors, wander among the paths of the palace gardens. - Disabled parking spaces are available near the restaurant La Flotille and the Neptune Fountain You will then walk through the gardens of the Palace following the fabulous Musical Fountain Shows with baroque music in the background, punctuated by the comments of our guide. Musical Foutains Display in the garden of Versailles. The tour begins when you climb aboard our air-conditioned coach at our office in the heart of Paris Every weekend between April and October, the Palace of Versailles organizes a magnificent Musical Fountain Show (Grandes Eaux Musicales), arranged since 1666.It is the ideal way to finish a visit to the grandiose Royal Palace

The Palace of Versailles fountain show. There's something so surreal about strolling in and out of the maze-like hedges that used to be occupied by the royals. The musical fountain show is a celebration of history and an experience that will make you feel like a King or Queen for the day. 1. Use the map. Trust me, you are going to need the map The grand final of the Fountains Show takes place at the Neptune fountain. The construction of this fountain lasted more than a century. The twenty two jets in the middle of the fountain, the twenty two jets from the vases adorned with marine animals plus the presentation jets allow a combination of about a hundred special effects Enjoy the royal Serenade & Versailles Night Fountains Show: Choose a 5 star tour to Versailles. At Hidden Gems we understand that driving a car and telling interesting stories require different specific skills. Which is why during our visits, to ensure your maximum enjoyment and safety, you will be guided by an expert, licensed tour guide and driven by a specific chauffeur

Palace of Versailles: Musical Fountains Show at Versailles - See 26,228 traveller reviews, 33,392 candid photos, and great deals for Versailles, France, at Tripadvisor An even better way to see Versailles is through one of our amazing tours! You can peruse all the Versailles tours by clicking here. Château de Versailles Musical Fountain Show. Place d'Armes, 78000 Versailles, France Access via RER C train station called Versailles Rive Gauche (Purchase round-trip tickets to save time when heading back to. Versailles is a quick day trip from Paris and one of the most popular. To see the summer shows and make the most of your time at the palace, choose a guided Versailles tour with fountain show tickets; skip-the-line palace tickets with included fountain show entry; or stand-alone royal garden tickets. Things to Kno The impressive golden gate entrance to Château de Versailles Neptune Fountain, with a part of the castle in the background. If you choose to watch the Musical Fountain show in the afternoon don't miss the Grande Finale at Neptune Fountain. This photo was taken in the morning and doesn't show all the water displays Palace of Versailles - Musical Fountains Show Alessandro Bonin. Neptune Fountain and Latona's Fountain, Versailles, The Fountains Night Show and Fireworks at Versailles - Duration:.

Visiting the Palace of Versailles from Paris: The Garden of Versailles (Musical) Fountain Show! DTV August 21, 2020 August 21, 2020 After spending a couple days in the City of Light , you should take a trip outside the city to the Palace of Versailles With the arrival of summer, the gardens of the Palace of Versailles become the setting for a spectacular display. The ornamental ponds and waterfalls in the grounds designed by Le Nôtre provide a majestic sight as fountains play and jets of water intertwine.. Visitors are invited to discover the park's enchanting water features, which play to the sound of baroque music, as they stroll around. While I have been to Paris many time, I have never visited Versailles. Just looking for some tips:--I have heard to avoid weekends, but looking at the website it seems they have musical fountain shows only on Saturdays and Sundays. We were considering going on Fri; is the show worth it to go on Sat Answer 1 of 13: I've seen the fountains set to music in Las Vegas. How does the show at Versailles compare? We're planning a visit for March 31 (day the musical fountain shows start for the season), but we be better off going during the week to avoid the.. Musical Fountains Show and fireworks shows. Night Chateau de Versailles - It is incredibly beautiful and romantic! Musical Fountains Show and fireworks shows

The Musical Fountains Show. The Musical Fountains Shows are one of the major attractions at the Palace of Versailles gardens. One of its kind, the show brings alive scores of historical fountain masterpieces dancing to the tunes of Baroque music Europe - Versailles & musical fountains: Touristy or Magical? Skip it or Don't Miss? - I'm considering a visit to Versailles during our 1st trip to Paris in July. We have 8 nights in Paris, and we. Walk in the footsteps of Marie Antoinette as you walk through the gilded Hall of Mirrors, and see magical fountain displays accompanied by elegant Baroque music in the expansive gardens. Meet your guide in Paris and hop aboard a comfortable coach for the 45-minute ride out of the city to Versailles The Versailles Fountain Show, designed by Andre Le Notre, is a fantastic live concert held in the exclusive groves. Watch fountains explode at the Fountain Show to the sounds of a cello or just be enchanted by the easy beauty of classical music performed during the Musical Gardens case in lovely environments The gardens and fountains of Versailles Palace come alive with musical shows during the summer. Enjoy the musical fountains or the musical garden shows of Versailles on special days between April and October. Stroll the gardens like royalty as the fountains spout out water to the classical tunes of baroque music. Wander the groves and other preserved areas of the Gardens for a musical.

The Musical Fountain Show at the Palace of Versailles. The Musical Fountain Show at the Palace of Versailles. The Musical Fountain Show at the Palace of Versailles. 134 THE VERSAILLES NIGHT FOUNTAINS SHOW: This year again, artists of lights and stage design take over the gardens to make the Versailles Night Fountains Show an unforgettable show. Incredible aquatic effects in the Basin of the Mirror, lasers streaking the space in the grove of the Colonnade, The spectacular Giant of the Encelade and the.

Fountains Shows and musical gardens of Versailles 2020

Spend your day at the enchanting Gardens of Versailles and enjoy the must-see Versailles fountain shows. Noted in the UNESCO World Heritage list, these fairytale-like French gardens are impressive to behold. Your independent ticket to the Gardens of Versailles offers you a full day of sightseeing at. Admission tickets to the Musical Fountain Show in the gardens of Versailles are €9.50, €8 for children 6 to 18 and students, and free for under 6 years old. On musical gardens days (Tuesdays and Fridays), admission is €1 cheaper but offers far less value. Dogs and bicycles are not allowed inside the baroque garden. at any time

Your independent Gardens of Versailles ticket includes a Versailles musical fountain show (Grandes Eaux Musicales), which takes place in the morning (11am-12pm) and afternoon (3:30pm-5pm) on Saturdays and Sundays, and takes place in the morning (11am-12pm) and afternoon (2:30pm) selected Tuesdays throughout the summer I have looked at the website for Versailles and am not sure what would be the best thing to do: My family of 4 will be going to visit Versailles in June and using the Passport to get into the Palace. However, entry to the garden must be purchased and during the summer there are fountain shows, garden music, etc., etc., all with a separate ticket price and not sure what we want, what is not. Palace of Versailles and Musical Fountains Show Tour from Paris - 306 reviews with an average score of 8,3. Real reviews by Civitatis clients, page 1 To watch the fountain in all its glory with arches of water coming forth from the frogs and lizards while Latona and her children sit on the top marble tier, visitors to Versailles have the option to purchase a Musical Fountain show ticket for during the day or evening during the summer months Every year the Musical Fountain Shows, the Musical Gardens and the Fountains Night Shows of the Palace of Versailles bring liveliness to the French style gardens, which are listed as a UNESCO heritage site, to the sounds of music by Lully. There are 15 groves - little gardens at the heart of the French-style garden - created by André Le Nôtre, 55 fontains et basins, hundreds of statues that.

Musical Fountains Show - Versailles - PARISCityVISIO

Plan to visit one of these days if you want to witness the musical fountain shows that take place in the Gardens of Versailles. To access the gardens and attend these shows, you will need a Versailles Passport ticket or a Versailles Guided Tour with Priority Access + Passport ticket Discover the extraordinary beauty of the Gardens of Versailles with the Musical Fountains Show. Take part in a 350-year tradition and watch the Versailles Palace fountains spouting in time with the classical music. Experience the talent of the 17th-century fountain engineers and of their successors in an unforgettable and fairytale experience Answered: Our family will be visiting on May 26th and it appears that is a Musical Fountains day. In looking at the timetable for the displays, separate fountains (mirror pool, Neptune fountain, water theater grove) are listed with the times (every 10.. Versailles Fountains Schedule. During the Versailles Fountain Shows, the fountains are not working all day. Therefore, it is important to know the Versailles Fountain show times - especially if you want to visit also the Palace - and the Versailles Fountains schedule.. Grooves exceptionally open: from 9 am to 7 p Apollos fountain Versailles. As written in my previous post, the Musical Fountains Show at Château de Versailles is something that should not be missed. It feels like the garden comes alive when music is played and the fountains are active. So if you want to get the most out of your visit to the Château de Versailles make sure to go there on one of the days when the fountains in the gardens.

Tips on Visiting the Musical Fountain Show at the Palace

The Versailles Fountain Show is a wonderful musical event held in the exclusive groves, designed by André Le Nôtre. Watch fountains erupt to the sounds of a cello at the Fountain Show or just be enchanted by the simple beauty of classical music played in beautiful surroundings during the Musical Gardens event It is IMHO very much worth it to visit Versailles when the fountains are running. On Fountain days they run them for about an hour and a half in the morning and again in the late afternoon and the Neptune fountain goes once late in the afternoon. You can see snapshots in my photo journal under day trips from Paris. We went a couple of years ago. Europe - Versailles Musical Fountains Show - We are planning to be in Paris in September 2012. We have been trying to research a trip to Versailles and seem to be finding conflicting information. Versailles at night: experience the musical fountains show A magical evening that surpassed our expectations! is how a young American couple from New York City described their experience of the Night Fountain Show that runs every Saturday night from 8.30am to 11pm from June 16th until September 15th in the gardens of the castle of Versailles Tickets for the Musical Fountains Shows or the Musical Gardens can be bought online or at the entrance of the Gardens. If you are under 26 you can get a reduced rate by buying tickets for the musical show and clicking reduced rate when you choose the number of tickets to buy

Versailles & the Musical Fountains Show (9 Hours) Découvertes Inc & Sarl - France. 47 Reviews. Paris, France . Valid for Travel Now Through: 21 May 2100 Our guide was a terrific fountain of knowledge. Not only was he local and grew up in Normandy but was a history major as well. Travel Advisor:. As promised, pics and vids of the Versailles Once-in-a-Year Nighttime Spectacular . You can glance at the map of the park and see how it lovely it is during the day in my previous post, where you will also find daytime video of the musical Mirror Fountain show.. But we will start our night time lights and water and fire extravaganza with two video excerpts from the water show at the largest. 8. Musical fountains show ticket. The Musical Fountains show take place in the Versailles gardens. Discover the pools, the groves (open for the occasion) and their fountains put in water to the rhythm of baroque music. This is beautiful show to attend, especially for kids. The show is timed and only performed on the weekends (till 28 Oct, 2018)

Friday of Musical Fountains Show - Versailles Tourism

The Versailles Fountain Show is a wonderful live concert held in the exclusive groves, designed by Andre Le Notre. Watch fountains explode to the sounds of a cello at the Fountain Show or just be enchanted by the simple beauty of classical music played in beautiful surroundings during the Musical Gardens event All areas of the Versailles museum and estate (Palace of Versailles, Trianon Palaces and Marie-Antoinette's Estate, the gardens) All temporary exhibitions; Access to the Palace audio-guide (in 11 languages). Access for the Musical Gardens and Fountain Show (From April to October The groves of Versailles were designed during Louis XIV's reign as open-air drawing rooms concealed at the heart of the wooded areas of the gardens. One went there for refreshments and light meals, to listen to music or dance. The King could satisfy his taste for gambling and performing arts in these venues intended solely fo Every Saturday night during summer, the Palace of Versailles stages a magical visual and musical display in its magnificent gardens, with a different theme every year. Marvel at this incredible show in the woods and lakes of the grounds, lit up with amazing effects

Enjoy the Versailles Fountain. Explore the statues, hidden groves and innumerable fountains, which depending on the day of your visit may include the Musical Fountain Show or Musical Gardens. During these, you will see the fountains timed perfectly to classical music, or hear delightful tunes while discovering some of the most idyllic spots Versailles Palace The Estate of Trianon, Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens available. (on dates when the Musical Fountains Show/Musical Gardens is unavailable) There is an additional fee to access the gardens for the dates with the Fountain Show. Please check the different product options and book accordingl Louis XIV created the idea of the modern musical fountain by staging spectacles in the Gardens of Versailles, using music and fireworks to accompany the flow of the fountains. The great international expositions held in Philadelphia, London and Paris featured the ancestors of the modern musical fountain

Musical Fountains Show at Versailles - Review of Palace of

The word 'grandeur' is synonymous with Versailles - and just one look at this magnificent palace will tell you why. With this ticket, you can marvel at the palace's lavish interiors, explore Marie Antoinette's hamlet, and top off the experience with access to the Musical Fountains Show or the Musical Gardens During your visit to Versailles, you will be amazed by the palace's precious interior. Then take a walk around the beautiful gardens of Versailles and wander along tree-lined paths and geometically aligned terraces. Marvel at the various fountains and enjoy the Musical Fountains Show or the Musical Garden Show

Palace of Versailles + Musical Fountain Show Tour - Summer

Palace, Gardens, Audio Guide & Fountain Show. Includes entrance to the Palace of Versailles, the gardens, an audio guide and the musical fountain show. Does not include a ticket to Marie Antoinette Estate or Trianons. €30 per person; Marie Antoinette's Estate and The Trianon Palace The Musical Fountain Show will bring the fountains to life with classical music when available. With train tickets, Skip the Line Access, small groups of 25 or less, and headsets we make the trip to Versailles comfortable and enjoyable for everyone Versailles guided tours including musical gardens, fountain night show & fireworks. If you're visiting Versailles then I would suggest that you take the whole day out and enjoy everything that this amazing place has to offer. While the Palace is the main attraction, there is a lot more to see and enjoy here Versailles Palace Guided Tour with Gardens & Fountains Show from Paris provided by Paris City Vision. the Royal Apartments, and the expansive gardens. Enjoy some free time to wander as you please, and even watch a musical fountain display if you're there at the right time. Itinerary. You'll start at Your Experience With Versailles & Gardens Skip the Line + Garden Show or Fountain Show Collect your tickets from the tour company office before making your way to Versailles Palace where you'll skip most of the queues (you still have to go through security) and given priority access inside the palace

Versailles Garden Water Show - worth it?? Jump to bottom. Posted by kylazak (Calgary, AB Canada) on 07/03/18 08:20 PM. No Fountain Shows on Fridays. Musical Gardens. Saturdays and Sundays are the Musical Fountains Shows. Posted by janettravels44. Chicago. 07/04/18 03:14 PM. 5718 posts Apr 8, 2012 - Versailles musical fountain show - every weekend from April to October - just outside #Paris. #GowithOh (Photo from our 2007 trip Versailles: Guided tour w. fountain show . Hasonló programok. 1. A varázslatos Párizs (Paris Magique) városnéző sétahajózás . at A varázslatos Párizs (Paris Magique) városnéző sétahajózás , pén, 27 nov 2020 - sze, 31 már 2021. 4.3 (49) Ekkortól 5 970 Ft . 2

Palace of Versailles Gardens & Fountains Shows

Difference between Fountains show and Musical Gardens

  1. Get excited, we have a magical summer ahead. Every Saturday night up until September 21, the Palace of Versailles's Musical fountain show will be sure to enchant all of its visitors.In this two- and- a- half hour animated show, the Palace's groves and fountains come to life to the rhythm of Baroque music
  2. Answer 1 of 8: Hi, I'm so confused with these 2 options - Musical Fountains (€9.50) and Musical Gardens (€8.50). Did I get it correctly that during Musical Fountains day, the fountains in the garden are turned on and there is accompanying music? But for..
  3. Versailles Fountains Show. Explore the Gardens and grooves while listening to Baroque music and watch a water display with special effects. Days: Tuesdays (some dates), Saturdays, and Sundays. Click here to buy your tickets for the Fountains Show. X. Versailles Musical Garden

Palace of Versailles Fountain Show-WATER SHOW

Discover Versailles and its history by following the stone markers spread almost everywhere along the city's street. Events. The Grand Musical Fountain displays: Saturdays and Sundays from April to October, and for the Musical gardens Tuesdays from April to May and from July to octobe Versailles Toute l'actualité et les articles de Vogue avec toutes nos interviews, video et images. Why you'll want to attend the Musical Fountain Show at the Palace of Versailles this summer. par Vogue 9 juillet 2019. Sorties. Château de Versailles : les Grandes Eaux Nocturnes reviennent cet été. Versailles - Fountain show / Jeux d'eau Wersal - Fontanny. Markita Steed. Follow. 5 years ago | 0 view. Versailles - Fountain show / Jeux d'eau Wersal - Fontanny. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next The Fountain of Apollo's Chariot, dug under the reign of Louis XIII and fitted out under Louis XIV who had the magnificent group represent Apollo on his Cha.. The Musical Fountain Show highlights the glory of the royal gardens and is a must see! To experience the show be sure to book during the weekends from March 30th to October 30th 2018. This extra bonus will be part of the tour for those lucky enough to be around at that time

Agora você sabe como visitar Versalhes! Com este bilhete, você terá acesso ao palácio, à vila de Marie Antoinette, sua propriedade separada, e o Musical Fountains Show ou Musical Garden. Conheça a passagem secreta que ela usou quando a Revolução Francesa queria chegar até os aposentos do rei Enjoy the Musical Fountains Show. Les Grandes Eaux Musicales de Versailles (The Musical Fountains show of Versailles) is a celebration of the history and the beauty of the Gardens of Versailles - and a celebration of all the spectacular fountains located throughout the gardens Discontinued: Behind the Scenes Versailles Private Residence Tour. After a short train ride to Versailles, you will spend the morning learning the history of the palace while walking in the beautiful Royal Gardens, your tour timed perfectly to catch the fountain show No show on Thursday. • Palace of Versailles + Musical Gardens Show - Be enchanted by the musical gardens event -the Jardins Musicaux, as it's known. Enjoy the simple beauty of classical music played in the beautiful surroundings of the Versailles Gardens. The musical gardens event runs on Tuesday. No show on Thursday, Saturday or Sunday Access to the Gardens is free for pedestrians, except on Fountain Show and Musical Gardens days (select days from April to October). Due to the anti-terrorist security plan, visitors with large baggage items are not admitted on the domain (exceeding 55x35x25 cm)

The Musical Fountains Show at the Château de Versailles

Enjoy access to Marie Antoinette's Estate and the Musical Garden shows which you cannot access with a basic Versailles ticket. This ticket gives you access to the Palace, the Estate of Trianon, temporary exhibitions, the gardens and Park, the Musical Fountains Show and Musical Gardens along with the Gallery of Coaches The versailles gardens musical fountain eurotrip versailles ballroom fountain versailles palace gardens travel diary the groves palace of versaillesPics of : Versaille Garden Ballroom The Versailles Gardens Musical Fountain Show Ballroom You   Eurotrip Versailles Ballroom Fountain You   Versailles Palace Gardens Travel Diary   The Groves Palace Of Versailles.. <p>Get a guided tour of the Versailles Palace. Witness the beautiful fountain show set to Baroque music and lights! You also explore the beautiful French gardens and visit the Royal Apartments and the Hall of Mirrors. You don't have to worry about transportation back and forth from Paris - it's included in this ticket!</p> All tickets Château, inner gardens, Marie Antoinette's & musical fountain show (on set days), included in tour & tour price. No need to carry your bike on the train from Paris our bikes are based in Versailles. We live in Versailles. Wine & Cheese tasting. Small Groups: 12 riders max

Fountains Night Show at the Palace of Versailles

Fees: Versailles Palace 18 €, Chateaux de Trianon and Marie Antoinette's estate 12 €, Passport 20 € (allows you to visit the Palace, Châteaux de Trianon, Marie-Antoinette's estate - the Musical Gardens and Musical Fountain show is included from April to October for 27 €), 2-Day Passport 25 € (or 30 € if you want the Musical. Wander through the palace's most famous rooms, the King and Queen's apartments, the Hall of Mirrors, and the Salon of Abundance. Enjoy free time to explore the manicured gardens and, depending on when you visit, catch the famous Versailles Fountain Show or Musical Gardens experience before boarding the coach back to Paris Apollo Fountain - Chateau de Versailles Activities at the Garden. Read this guide to know about all the activities in the Garden, like The Musical Fountain Show, The Musical Gardens, The Fountains Night Show and The Royal Serenade and the calendar of events Het woord 'grandeur' is synoniem voor Versailles - en slechts één blik op dit prachtige paleis zal je vertellen waarom. Met dit ticket kun je je vergapen aan de weelderige interieurs van het paleis, het gehucht van Marie Antoinette verkennen en de ervaring afronden met toegang tot de Musical Fountains Show of de Musical Gardens

Versailles with guide + Special Fountains Show Programme

  1. The fountains of Versailles are real show-stoppers. From March to October, a musical fountain show runs each weekend and on Tuesdays; Thursday and Friday shows are added from July to September.
  2. The talent of the 17th century fountain engineers (and of their successors) has always made the Musical Fountains Show an unforgettable and fairy tale experience. The fountains play with multiple special effects, making marble and metal gods, humans, and animals seem to come to life for a few moments
  3. Hotel near to the Versailles Fountain Show As summer arrives, the garden of the palace of Versailles awakens and becomes the backdrop to an enchanting show Along the pathways designed by Le Nôtre, the lakes and waterfalls create a majestic spectacle as the fountains bubble and the jets of water intertwine
  4. Versailles Palace and Gardens including Fountain or Musical Show. From USD $75.50 . Duration: 4 Hours (approx.) Product code: PA_VA-G ; About the Tour: The colossal and extravagant Palace of Versailles is known around the world as a symbol of royal excess. On this tour—great for history buffs, art lovers, and aesthetes—you'll get to.
  5. Passport with a timed entry (includes entry to the entire Estate of Versailles as well as Trianon)- 20 euro. Passport with timed entry and Musical Fountains Show or Musical Gardens- 27 euro. 2-Day Passport- 25 euro. 2-Day Passport with Musical Fountain Show or Musical Gardens 30 euro. Palace Ticket- 18 euro. Estate of Trianon Ticket- 12 eur
  6. Experience the opulence of the Palace and Gardens of Versailles on a half-day excursion from Paris. Marvel at the spectacular interior of the palace and the manicured gardens and rolling lawns surrounding it. See the Fountain Show or Musical Gardens
Palace of Versailles Fountain Show-WATER SHOW

This is a typical itinerary for this product Stop At: Palace of Versailles, Place d'Armes, 78000, Versailles France The Palace of Versailles in true royal fashion. As your guide shows you around a carefully curated selection of the palace's 700 rooms, you'll hear stories of the Sun King, Louis XIV, his successors, their queens, mistresses, and courtiers - including Marie Antoinette and. Enjoy 1 or 2 days full access to Versailles' whole domain, including the palace, Trianon, Marie Antoinette's Estate and gardens. Benefit from an audio guide in the palace. Upgrade and see the famous Musical Gardens or Fountain Show

Palace of Versailles and Musical Fountains Show Tour from

  1. During that period, the access to the gardens will also be included to enjoy the show. The Musical Fountains show takes place on: Saturdays and Sundays from April 4th 2020 through November 1st 2020, as well as some Public Holidays (May 8th, May 21th, July 14th 2020) + Friday, April 10th 2020 and Tuesdays from May 19th through June 23rd 2020
  2. i-train departs from the Grand Trianon and travels to the Petit Trianon, the Grand Canal and the.
  3. Showing posts from Tag: Versailles fountains show all posts. August 21, 2020 August 21, 2020 Read Full Post. Visiting the Palace of Versailles from Paris: The Garden of Versailles (Musical) Fountain Show! After a couple days in Paris, you should take a trip to the Palace of Versailles! And if you visit in summer, you can enjoy the Gardens of.

Video: Palace of Versailles fountain show: Everything you need to

Trips. Sign in. Pari Skip-the-line ticket to Versailles, at pre-booked time slot. Audio-guide of Versailles in the language of your choice. Access to the garden and Grand Canal. Access to the Fountain Show or the Musical Fountain show pending matching schedules. Exclusions Train ride into Versailles. As you make your own way into Versailles On certain days you'll see the fountain show, where water explodes to the sound of music, or enjoy visiting the gardens to the sound of classical music at the Musical Gardens event Experience a guided tour of the Palace of Versailles with skip the line access, showing you the most important rooms of the Palace and giving you an insight into.

Palace of Versailles : Fountains show

  1. The Royal Serenade & Versailles Night Fountains Show
  2. Musical Fountains Show at Versailles - Palace of
  3. A Day Trip from Paris: Don't Miss the Musical Fountains at
  4. Summer at Versailles: Musical Fountain Shows and Fireworks
  5. Musical Fountains Show at CHÂTEAU DE VERSAILLES - Blog
  6. Palace of Versailles - Musical Fountains Show - YouTub
  7. The Versailles Fountain Show: Visiting the Palace of
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