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A tuning box connects to the engine of a vehicle to improve performance and fuel economy. It's the natural successor of the remap, an easily detected ECU tuning solution. TDI-Tuning write custom maps for every vehicle variant. These maps are then sent to the engine from a tuning box rather than writing them directly onto the engine ECU A tuning box will usually adjust a maximum of two signals, fuel and boost. A good remap will involve adjustment of numerous values and maps including boost pressure, boost control, torque limits, injection timing, rail pressure, fuel quantity, EGR and throttle mapping. There are also numerous other things that a tuning box cannot do, such as accounting for certain hardware changes, adjusting rev limiters and many other things that are possible when remapping Tuning-Box.hu - A dízel tuningbox elsőszámú lelőhelye Mi is az a tuning box? A tuningbox egy olyan elektronikai szerkezet, ami a motoron lévő érzékelők adatait módosítja, annak érdekében, hogy motorkárosodás nélkül növekedjen a teljesítmény! A tuning box beszereléséhez és eltávolításához sincs szükség szakemberre

Diesel Tuning Box Beszerelés, 20%-al nagyobb teljesítmény Chiptuning, PT-Box, Autó motor tuning, diesel, Küberl, Kueberl, turbo, 1 lambda szondás, autóriaszt This video shows how easy it is to fit a TDI-Tuning diesel tuning box product to a Common Rail engine type.Done in under 10 minutes, once installed engine po..

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  1. Engine Tuning, Diesel Tuning and Petrol Tuning is not just restricted to cars. 4x4`s, Commercial vehicles, motorhomes, tractors and boats all benefit from Tunit. Tunit was introduced as an improved method over engine chipping and engine remapping. It is also different to a regular Tuning Box
  2. A tuningboxba beépített chip vagy processzor a BOX működéséhez szükséges, és nem egyenértékű az ECU-ban található vezérlőchippel ami a MOTOR működését szabályozza. A tuningbox a computerben lévő chipben semmilyen adatot nem módosít, ezért helytelen a chiptuningbox és chipbox elnevezés, helyesen jeladótuningbox
  3. Tuning Box : Performance chip tuning for diesel, petrol, hybrid & electric engine | Upgrade your engine power & torqu

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The Diesel Tuning Box from Speedhawk is a simple to fit yet powerful device that plugs in to your diesel engine, releasing its full power potential. After fitting this Diesel Tuning Chip in a Box you will feel the improved pull of your diesel engine giving a cleaner and crisper driving experience. The Speedhawk diesel tuning box Use of our innovative Plug & Play diesel tuning box can vastly improve the performance and driveability of your car or van, not to mention increase the MPG obtained from being able to use higher gears sooner and for longer. Best of all fitting the unit to your car is child's play, as you can see from the video on the right, it's a simple DIY. Tuningbox - több lóerő, vagy kamu az egész? - A turbódízelek korszerűsödése és az elektronikus motorvezérlés megjelenése után a chiptuning és a tuningbox iparággá nőtte ki magát. De mit tud egy tuningbox? Mi nem hiszünk senkinek, csak a műszereknek és a fékpadnak Fit the CHIP Express™ digital diesel tuning box for more torque too. You'll immediately notice better acceleration from low down in the rev range and when using taller gears. And that means more pulling power - precisely what you need if you tow a caravan, a horse box, a boat or if you drive a heavily laden vehicle like a van or pickup

DTUK® stands for Diesel Tuning UK Limited. We formed in 2005 when Petrol (or rather Diesel) Head Andrew Pawley became frustrated by seeing other tuners passing off cheap imported hardware as UK Manufactured.( this is still the case in 2020, but now flashy websites and over inflated results ) These cheap imports are supplied with generic software rarely suitable for the specific. Chiptuning from DTE Systems: up to 30% more performance and a good sense of security. Get more horsepower for your car: Whether you are looking for a chip tuning for Mercedes, a BMW performance chip or more power for your VW - with DTE you achieve a performance increase of up to 30%. And the best: a part certificate is already included for you An innovator in custom tuning systems for a vast variety of vehicles. Get up to 40% power and 20% MPG. With over 15 years of experience in the tuning industry Performance. The diesel tuning box can produce Upto 30% increase in BHP and massive increase in torque Faster acceloration with less flatspots and less turbo lag Fuel economy gains of 10 - 15% gained in urban tests Because increases are selectable (flick of a swtich) you can select for power or Economy or a bit of both you can choose a modest increase in power and torque with better econom Kiszereléskor autója automatikusan visszaáll a korábbi állapotába, de a box bármikor újra beiktatható a rendszerbe. Autótípustól függő, de viszonylag gyorsan (kb. 2-4 óra alatt) és biztonságosan kivitelezhető, amennyiben szakember végzi. Az autók gyári szoftverének módosítására több lehetőség is kínálkozik

Diesel Tuning Boxes The Viezu Diesel Tuning Box Product Range: the only real ECU Remap Alternative. Viezu offers an unequalled range of diesel tuning chips and diesel engine management products - many customers choose our ECU remapping and remapping software to be installed in their car's original ECU. Viezu also has an unprecedented range of chip tuning boxes A Rapid tuning box works by manipulating the ECU output and input signals, resulting in a modified injection quantity and timing, and in some cases boost pressure. Tuning boxes are often used as a tuning solution when no protocols exist for remapping the ECU or if a customer is looking for a physical tuning solution which can be installed or de. 28 tuning box apróhirdetés, Magyarország. Válogass a Jófogás.hu tuning box hirdetései között Review of the TDI-Tuning box Superb, easy to fit and versatile tuning in a box Here is a long overdue review of an actual tuning box. The chaps at TDI Tuning let us try out their latest tuning box on our 3.0 v6 TDi Audi A6 Allroad.. We must stress there are tuning boxes and there are tuning boxes

Tuning boxes are often used as a tuning solution when no protocols exist for remapping the ECU or if a customer is looking for a physical tuning solution which can be installed or de-installed without specialist equipment. A Rapid tuning boasts the following features: Increased power and torque; Increased fuel efficiency; DIY fitmen Enjoy improved Diesel performance and fuel economy with Tuning Diesels' selection of top-notch diesel engine tuning units. Check out the whole range here. Our famous Synergy® tuning tuning box range, also known as Synergy-RonBox®, or just Ronbox® is available for a variety of diesels at prices starting from just £89.95 Pete's Tuning Box is a clever piece of technology that increases the performance of your diesel engine. Installing the unit not only gives you more MPG and better torque, but also dramatically increases BHP - giving you more pulling power than ever before! With over 750 variations of Pete's Tuning Box, we can cater for most makes and.

Our tuning boxes create more torque, right the way through the rev-range. We utilise as much extra potential as your cars engine and turbo can deliver for maximum performance. Both Petrol and Diesel BMW models can benefit from added power and torque. This gives a fantastic overall improvement in driving experience The Proven Diesel Limited Support Package. Our limited support packs give you access to all Proven Diesel tuning compatible with your vehicle for 4 weeks. This is convenient if you're seeking a single tune to install on your vehicle. Once the 4 week expires the tune that is currently in your truck will remain Chip tuning is possible with any forced induction direction injection engine, regardless of whether it's a turbocharger or a supercharger doing the forcing. That means we can get more performance from almost any turbo diesel (both common rail and pump-nozzle) or blown petrol engine

Bluefin engine remapping uses an ECU remap for your diesel or petrol engine and delivers better performance. Engine tuning with ECU chipping for diesel and petrol engines Tuning Hanggenerátor Tolatóradar, kamera Egyéb autóextra Ózongenerátor készülékek Ajánljuk Önnek. 3 év garancia -18% OZONEGENERATOR Blue 7000 ózongenerátor 3 év garanciával, Készletről azonnal 59S-S2 Fertőtlenítő Box UV-C fénnyel. Cikkszám: 59S-S2 24.990 Ft

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  1. A major advantage to a tuning box is the lack of trace. The box is, literally, fitted to the vehicle to change the signal as it passes between the ECU, fuel injection system and boost sensor(s)
  2. The tuning software is shipped pre-programmed with settings that are specifically designed for your car. However, if you wish to make fine-tuning adjustments to these settings (e.g. because the power of standard factory models can variate +/- 10%), we're able to adjust the settings for you - simply providing them as a download file
  3. Vp44 diesel chip tuning box. Car was a slug. Absolutely useless at moving anywhere, even patiently. This box just turned it into a new car. Medium setting was like WOW. High setting has me grinning ear to ear. Stoked AF. Was originally very skeptical but took the plunge in the end. Worth every penny Wish i hadnt procrastinated and got it earlier. Chri
  4. Mercedes diesel Power Tuning chip box C CLK CLS CLC 180 200 220 250 270 280 CDi 5 out of 5 stars (7) 7 product ratings - Mercedes diesel Power Tuning chip box C CLK CLS CLC 180 200 220 250 270 280 CD
  5. Well, there are plenty of reputable diesel tuning boxes to chose from; Chip Express, The BHP Plus Speedhawk, the DTUK CRD2+ and CRD-T, the Tunit I, II, III and IV, the Synergy, the van Aaken Diesel Smartbox or the 'Original TuningBox', to name but a few
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What is Diesel Tuning? Diesel Tuning Remap is a re-flash of the engine management system which installs new software to change the operating parameters of the engine. Our Diesel Tuning software will alter parameters including throttle position, Fuel duration, boost pressures, torque limiters, boost limiters, fuel pressure limiters, lambda correction and many more DrakeBox chip tuning is the best solution to maximize the performance of your car and reduce the fuel consumption. Fully safe and easy to use. Discover it now Bluetooth Diesel Tuning Boxes Plug and Play Tuning Boxes, adjustable via your smartphone! Up to 40% more torque and 20% better economy. Mitsubishi Triton/Pajero Sport 2.4 CRTD4 Twin Channel Tuning Box Chip. Regular price $895 View. Ford Territory 2.7 V6 CRTD4 Twin channel Tuning Box Chip. Regular price $895. Regardless of the make of diesel tuning box, they all start at the same point, namely increasing the amount of fuel injected into the engine. Most diesel tuning boxes achieve this by increasing the fuel rail pressure and they do this by sending a signal to the car's ECU which makes it believe fuel pressure is lower than reality

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  1. P-Tronic chip tuning box : Power and torque for turbo-diesel and petrol engines P-Tronic manufactures and markets additional electronic chip tuning boxes which improve the performance of all types of diesel and petrol-engined vehicles equipped with a turbo: TDI, HDi, JTD, d, dCi, CDI, CGI, TSI, TFSI, D4D, CRDI, TID, TD, TDCI, DTI, TDS, XDI, CDTI, DDiS, DES, THP, T-JET..
  2. How a Diesel Tuning Box Works. An Electronic Throttle Body. Unlike an ECU re-map, tuning boxes normally increase the engine's fuel quantity only and in most instances do not increase the engine's turbo boost pressure. However, due to the way the diesel engine works, each combustion usually takes place in the presence of excess oxygen.
  3. Buy Diesel Tuning Box and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many item
  4. A quick search of the internet ECU Remap vs Diesel Tuning Box for advice and comparisons of diesel remaps vs diesel tuning boxes, reveals a near-unanimous opinion that the remap is far superior to any diesel tuning box.; Most people (except maybe diesel tuning box manufacturers!) will agree that a diesel tuning box is no match for a proper engine remap
  5. Quality tuning box companies develop car specific maps on the dyno or live on the car before applying these to tuning boxes. A good quality tuning box can outperform a cheap generic remap. We should note that custom remaps do have a place and if you are serious about performance then a custom map is the route you should take
  6. Welcome to the Diesel Power Tuning DPT Website. Welcome to the home of DieselPowerTuning.co.uk where you can unlock the true potential of your diesel engine with the DPT module and see the benefits of more power, Economy and most importantly your Diesel's performance, so PEP up your car
  7. Engine tuning, for petrol or diesel engines, will change your driving experience. There are so many limits on driving these days. Even your car's intended performance is restricted because car manufacturers have to allow for drivers who do not adhere to service schedules and who use sub-standard fuels. The good news is that ECU remap software.

Chip Tuning Box OBD2 V3 Diesel. Price: $ 162.99. Data sheet. Average power increase: 25 - 35%. Improved fuel economy: up to 15%. Plug & Drive: Yes (original plugs) Installation: Quick (5-15 minutes) More details Reference: CP-OBD2D-V4. New product-+ Add to cart. Add to compare. Add to wishlist. I have a 2011 Colorado 3ltr turbo diesel, operating a mobile mechanical business I need to carry a lot of tools and oils ect. The Ute before the tuning box did a pretty good job considering the weight it was carrying and the terrain that I traveled. After the tuning box was installed and the desired settings found, WOW what a difference Diesel Chip Tuning is an Australian Company based in Brisbane supplying the one of the most advanced tuning systems in the market place. We can supply both Diesel and Petrol performance chips to suit many different applications including not a one box fits all system and not a rebadged system with a highly marked up price. Our performance.

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  1. Because the ExpertTuning tuning box is a sophisticated, programmable device, we can modify it for you if you change vehicles in the future. We charge a small re-tuning fee and you may need to buy a new cable if your new vehicle has different connectors. The maximum cost involved is usually less than £50.00
  2. As a whole, tuning boxes are a far more budget-friendly tuning option when it comes to pumping power out of your diesel. In fact, you can find quality tuning boxes for cheaper than £300. So you won't need to worry about thinning your wallet too much if you're looking to gain a bit more speed and power
  3. We are selling top quality chip tuning boxes, for cars, vans, motor homes, tractors, boats and more. The so-called Chip tuning box is an additional plug-in device (additional electronic device), which can be installed in or removed from a car easily without special knowledge. The Chip tuning box will awake the hidden performance reserves of the respective engine which the manufacturers keep in.
  4. Doctor Diesel. I've had a tuning box fitted that I bought from a company with a good history and I'm very pleased with the performance. But the computer says that the fuel consumption is a lot better too, but this doesn't agree with my mpg calculations from fill-ups and mileage, and I'm actually using a bit more fuel than before
  5. The Speedhawk diesel tuning box for common rail engines is one of the most advanced tuning boxes on the market. It uses innovative digital microprocessor technology to allow 9 pre-loaded tuning maps to be loaded onto the diesel tuning chip inside the box. Each map has slightly varying parameters to allow you to select the best one that suits.
  6. In OEM Diesel tuning for the road, the limitations are usually based on the amount of smoke produced, and the amount of power the chassis can handle. Big BHP figures on a diesel are easy to make, and choosing the Tuner with the highest figure can sometimes be just picking the bravest
  7. NitroOBD2 Performance Chip Tuning Box, Plug & Drive OBD 2 + 35% More power + 25% More torque, OBDII Adapter for Diesel Cars General Purpose Model 1996 Nitro OBD2 (Red) 3.1 out of 5 stars 132 £9.99 £ 9 . 9

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Hi there, thanks for all your replies so far. Mine is a Citroen C-Crosser 2009 2,2 156 bhp. common rail diesel. All the tuning box companies say that it is an ideal engine to get more torque out of. Up to 180 bhp. What I can gather is that the boxes usually FOOL the ECU into thinking the engine is cold, therefore giving you the extra boost Minőségi M-Power Digitális Tuningbox Chiptuning box Diesel Autókba !! A tuning box érzékeli a motor fordulatszámát, és két befecskendezéssel később történő mennyiséget módosítja. Mindebből mi semmit sem veszünk észre. Új autók esetén sem kell aggódnunk, hiszen nem jár a garancia vesztésével

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Welcome to Chip My Diesel Australia. We are Australian Company based in Brisbane and are suppliers of high quality performance and economy Chip Tuning Modules to suit both turbo Diesel and Petrol vehicles. We supply the highest quality German Made products to individual consumers, businesses, commercial vehicles, fleet and the motor trade Chiptuning profi motoroptimalizálás 22 év tapasztalattal! Chip tuning vagy tuningbox? Ha szeretné hatékonyabban kihasználni autójának erőtartalékait, akkor jó helyen jár. Itt pontos, helytálló információkat fog találni a különböző tuningmegoldásokról, közérthető nyelven leírva. Minden autó rendelkezik. DTUK Performance Specialists, Stanley, United Kingdom. 38K likes. The Official FaceBook page for DTUK Performance Specialist

The Bluetooth Diesel Tuning plug and play tuning box is the most time efficient and effective way to tune your diesel vehicle, improving the power and torque output, as well as the fuel economy of your vehicle. The TDI tuning systems are designed to be plug-and-play and can be installed at home with no mechanical knowledge needed Other Chip and Tuning Box brands offer only single function technology (either Rail or Injector tuning). The DOMINATOR 3 range of Diesel Performance Modules features include Fuel Rail signal retuning and Injector Signal emulation with Electronic Boost Control and an optional Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) interface We supply the highest quality products globally to individual consumers, businesses, commercial vehicles, fleet and the motor trade. Use of our innovative Plug & Play diesel tuning box can vastly improve the performance and driveability of your car or van, not to mention increase the MPG obtained from being able to use higher gears more Choose the diesel engine tuning system with proven technology and a worldwide reputation - the tuning system specifically designed and calibrated for your vehicle. A CHIP Express™ plug-in diesel tuning box will boost your Mercedes' engine power, whilst reducing your fuel consumption Super OBD2 Car Chip Tuning Box Plug and Drive SuperOBD2 More Power/More Torque As Nitro OBD2 Chip Tuning NitroOBD2 Chip Tuning Red for Diesel Vehicles $27.99 Performance Tuning Tuner Speed OBDII OBD2 OBD 2 II Chip Module Programmer for Acura Integra GSR/RSX / Type R 1996 and newer model

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Ultimate Diesel Tuning (UDT) is an Australian aftermarket turbo-diesel mechanical performance upgrade & custom dyno tuning company. Our performance centres have three fantastic locations with in-house dynos at: Geebung in Brisbane, Arundel on the Gold Coast & Dandenong in Melbourne Chiptuning for over 1700 common rail diesel car. Made in Italy: 50% discount! Increase power and torque +40%, -20% and decrease consumption Check out the trailer! EFI University will be offering the Diesel Tuning 101 as a DVD course! Take advantage of this great opportunity to learn Diesel tuning with real professionals! This course will cover general principles of tuning a modern, common-rail diesel EFI engine Diesel Tuning Australia (DTA) epitomise what customer service should be. When you arrive, the staff are quick to acknowledge you and serve you. They are welcoming, friendly and want to help you. You are kept in the loop and given the help you need efficiently. When I investigated diesel tuning services, DTA jumped out at me

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  1. Diesel chip tuning remap power box. Easily tune up your turbo diesel engine with upto 30% extra performance and 15% better fuel economy! Fully UK manufactured for BMW, Citroen, Ford, Kia, Land Rover, Mercedes, Nissan Peugeot, Volvo and many more
  2. Buy a Morepower Tuning Box for my vehicle. Multi-Function Tuning Box for Petrol & Diesel. Our new MorePower TB-CRD2, 3 & 4 Tuning Boxes contain multiple Map Chips, and have the ability to control different engine functions at the same time. The wiring looms come in a variety of designs, with the ability to plug into and control different engine.
  3. Diesel tuning chips - do they work as promised?. I have a Nissan Almera Tino 136 bhp 2.2 dci engined car, and was wondering about the tuning chips you see advertised for diesel cars, promising increased bhp, torque AND economy. Supposedly my car would become 170bhp, 25% increased torque and better mpg. For £300 it would pay for itself over time if the economy claim is true, and not a fantasy.
  4. Diesel Tuning boxes are pre-programmed plug and play, connecting to multiple sensors under the bonnet for the very best in control and performance. There is a diesel tuning box for almost every modern diesel engine, the Paramount diesel tuning boxes are very effective for boosting power, performance and fuel economy
  5. Majority of diesel tuning boxes I have looked at simply fool the fuel rail pressure sensor into allowing a higher fuel pressure, may seem a bit primitive but it does work well if sensible settings are used. All the companies do is look at optimising the very conservative and 'one size fits all' ECU parameters
  6. CHIPBOX® Diesel is an auto-tuning control unit for diesel engines produced by Seletron. Increases power up to 30%, reduces fuel consumption and respects the engine. Quick installation

Diesel Tuning box. Put simply, the output increase is achieved by changing the quantity of fuel injected and the ignition time. In contrast to other boxes in the low-price range, there is no change made to the supercharge pressure, nor is the engine temperature distorted WhatDiesel mag, issue 258 has a (the first ?) report on tuning the Diesel (a 30,000ml Legacy 2.0D). The Tunit Box returned figures of [email protected] & [email protected] Having test driven a Diesel Legacy, it would appear the suspension & chassis is more than capable of handling the extra power. As for the MY09 Forester, I would strongly suggest that the suspension needs a LOT of fixing. Nagyobb diesel autóknál a chip tuning box -al sokkal nagyobb a relatív fogyasztáscsökkenés. Pl: BMW X5 3.0d -nél százhetvenes tempónál akár 3 liter is lehet a fogyasztáscsökkenés, de ugyanennél az autónál, a (papás) százas tempónál 8 deci a fogyasztás csökkenése garantáltan With tuning boxes improving i dont think ill go back to remapping unless its on a petrol or comes as part of an upgrade package.I like the fact the box is user programmable without the need for. Tuning boxes for diesel engines work by manipulating the fuel pressure signal entering the ECU; 2. There will be a fuel pressure threshold where the tuning box starts working as it is unnecessary for the tuning box to be working all the time. 3

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V-tech Tuning s.c. ul. Bieżanowska 71 30-812 Kraków, Poland. For access to WinOLS files from V-tech Tuning database please contact: reseller@vtechtuning.eu D-U-N-S ® The tuning box tends to do an overly simplistic job of changing fuelling. A proper remap will amend all the parameters contained within the ECU. In general, tuning boxes don't do too good a job Re: help about adjusting a diesel tuning box the instructions on mine did say to accelerate from 40-80 in third to see if the eml came on 3 door 165JTD Dynamic Jet Blue with sky roof strut braces, decat and full s/s exhaust, remap, additional gauges coilovers, lower braces, 18s and vanillaroma magic tre Diesel Tuning Done Correctly; 2 Year Australia Wide Warranty; 28 Day Money Back Guarantee; The SW Diesel Pro + Boost unit not only controls fuel pressure, it also adjusts the boost pressure. As we control both it ensures that the Air Fuel Ratio (AFR's) remain correct keeping your all important Exhaust Gas Temperatures (EGT's) as standard Our diesel tuning box provides very similar modifications to the fuel and boost systems. However instead of modifying the cars ECU software our unit plugs directly into the existing wiring looms. This enables the tuning box to modify the signals from the ECU in real time meaning that if the tuning box was to be removed, your cat returns to.

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last updated 25/08/2020 Diesel Performance chips are electronic devices that intercept and modify engine management signals to increase the power output of an engine. Some companies may call it a chip or a module or piggyback ECU or tuning box or something else, claiming theirs is superior. Some companies can re-program the factory engine management without needing to ad The Tuning Boxes simply plug in to the vehicles existing plugs to increase the engines performance and economy No wires to cut, simply plug in and drive whilst happy in the knowledge that your vehicles warranty is intact. Once you have bought and fitted your Diesel Tuning Box you can expect between 20-40% more power and torque A big exhaust system, even bigger intercooler, induction kit, and a diesel tuning box or similar to ramp up the fuel levels can get you an effective diesel drifter. In fact, we've seen one in Sweden running a race mechanical fuel pump and a massive Holset HX35 turbo revving to 7000rpm Tuning companies should ensure that the results of their tuning are environmentally acceptable and, whilst many now state that DPF and catalyst box removal will not be liable to any legal action, or failure on MOT testing, this is not the same as being legal, and the situation could easily change if regulation were to be strictly enforced

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The PowerMax Tuning Box OBD2 connector is plugged in to existing OBD2 for both Petrol (all from 2001+) and Diesel (all from 2003+) year car engines, and uses the signals from the ECU to gauge levels such as injection time, fuel pressure, air flow rate and manifold pressure, and turbo boost The number of sensor signals that are intercepted will vary depending on the manufacturer of the tuning box. Generally speaking, at a minimum, diesel turbo tuning boxes will manipulate the fuel pressure signal and turbo petrol tuning boxes will intercept the boost pressure signal. The advantage of external tuning boxes is that they can be. Diesel Tuning Boxes and Increased economy? - alan 350 : Ive had some good experiences with Diesel tuning boxes. Ive had units from DTUK and Chip Express, but I've been most impressed with the Bluespark Pro Diesel Tuning Box I have fitted to my Mondeo ST. Ive had it fitted for 5000 miles now, the power is startlingly different, but even better.

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A diesel tuning box is much easier to be installed, but you will need a quality diesel tuning box for it to work nicely. ECU remap on the other hand should be performed by a specialist in a workshop. Both the processes will provide similar performance gains with only a little variation depending on how the engine has been tuned. One benefit of. Tuning-Box. hu Jaguar S-Type 2, 7 V6 Diesel (152KW / 207LE) vásárlás 44 700 Ft! Olcsó Jaguar S Type 2 7 V 6 Diesel 152 KW 207 LE Tuningboxok árak, akciók. Tuning-Box. hu Jaguar S-Type 2, 7 V6 Diesel (152KW / 207LE) vélemények. Gyári értékek Tuning box értékek Teljesítmény 207 LE (152 KW) 244 LE (179KW) Nyomaték 435 Nm 513 N

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Eladó új Tuning Box TUNINGBOX GARANCIA 10 ÉV TAPASZTALAT Cr Diesel Vásárolj azonnal, licitálj aukciókra, vagy hirdesd meg eladó termékeidet Vásárolja meg a Vaterán egyszerűen, akár regisztráció nélkül: 29 999 Ft - Analog 29999.- 2 Fajta Digitális 39999.- 75000.- 32 mhz 40mhz Például előzéseknél, emelkedőknél ahol eddig vissza kellet váltani, a tuningbox beépítése után nem kell, mert ugyanabban a sebességi fokozatban 20% nagyobb lesz a NM, tehát a nyomaték Leírás. Új ASA MULTI xC 1C-DF 2S adapterrel ellátott magas technikai színvonalú, minőségi német digitális, egyénileg is szabályozható common rail diesel Tuning Box kedvezményes áron, 60.000, - forintért eladó. 1.6-os HDI, illetve TDCI motorokhoz Apache/2.4.38 (Debian) Server at www.chiptuningbox.hu Port 8 With over 10 years of experience tuning common rail diesel vehicles Just Autos will have all your diesel tuning needs covered. Our main focus is to provide a vehicle that's safe and reliable to drive every day while still providing in most cases a substantial torque gain. Find out more about 200 Series Upgrades; 70 Series Upgrade

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  • St james szemklinika.
  • Ikea budaörs térkép.
  • Használt íróasztal szeged.
  • Nincs igazi férfi.